Comparison of Alcohol Testers with Mobile Applications "Alcohol Tests"

Here we present a comparison between alcohol testers and mobile applications (alcohol tests). We will discuss their pros and cons, starting with their advantages and then moving on to their disadvantages. Finally, we will summarize the information and draw conclusions from this comparison.

Advantages of Alcohol Testers and Mobile Applications (Alcohol Tests)

Here are the advantages of both alcohol testers and mobile/internet versions of alcohol tests. You can explore their general benefits and advantages.

Alcohol Testers

The main advantages of alcohol testers include accuracy, speed, simplicity, and technology. First, let's discuss the types of technologies used in alcohol testers, which are undoubtedly more precise than the algorithm used in applications to calculate residual blood alcohol content. When it comes to accuracy, applications are certainly overshadowed by alcohol testers. There are many aspects and influences that affect accuracy, which applications (alcohol tests) do not consider in their algorithm for calculating residual blood alcohol content. Alcohol testers can provide results with decimal precision, while applications cannot. Each alcohol tester specifies its minimum possible deviation, which is negligible compared to applications. Another advantage is the speed. With an alcohol tester, you just need to turn it on and blow, whereas applications take much longer to provide results due to parameter settings. This speed is closely related to simplicity. With alcohol testers, you only need to turn them on and blow into them, while with applications, some people may struggle with understanding the controls and data input. Another plus is the memory of alcohol testers, which allows them to store a certain number of measurement results, varying depending on the type of tester. This makes it easy to review past measurements. Today's alcohol testers also offer battery rechargeability. Unlike in the past, where replacing alkaline batteries could be inconvenient, some modern alcohol testers now feature rechargeable batteries that can be charged via a micro USB cable.

Mobile and Internet Versions of Alcohol Tests

In today's era, where applications are popular and widely used, it also benefits these alcohol tests. Their biggest advantage is undoubtedly the price and mobility compared to alcohol testers. Applications are cheaper or completely free compared to alcohol testers. Another significant advantage is their mobility. Nowadays, the majority of people carry their mobile phones with them at all times, which means they have access to installed applications or internet access. This allows them to test their approximate blood alcohol level anytime and anywhere. However, it's important to note that these results are not binding. If someone claims to the police that their alcohol tester is mistaken because their application gave them a different result, they will face difficulties. But let's get back to the advantages. One of them is the graph showing the trend of blood alcohol level. This graph allows users to visually track the rise and fall of alcohol in their blood over time, usually in hourly increments. Another advantage, which can also be a disadvantage, is the unlimited amount of alcohol. In other words, alcohol testers have limitations on the maximum blood alcohol content they can measure, whereas applications do not have such limitations. However, it raises the question of whether a person would accurately remember what and how much they drank in such a state to perform the test correctly.

Disadvantages of Alcohol Testers and Mobile Applications (Alcohol Tests)

Here are the disadvantages of both alcohol testers and mobile/internet versions of alcohol tests. You can explore their general drawbacks and disadvantages.

Alcohol Testers

The main deterrent for alcohol testers is the price. Many people resist purchasing alcohol testers because of their cost. Although the price is not significantly high, customers receive a reliable and quality alcohol tester that accurately determines residual alcohol content in blood based on the type of technology used, providing results in decimal numbers. When used correctly following the manufacturer's instructions and with subsequent calibrations, alcohol testers can last for a designated number of measurements stated by the manufacturer, and with calibrations, they can last even longer. Another concern raised by forums and various discussions is the necessary calibration after a certain number of uses or when exposed to extreme conditions. If calibration is not performed after the specified number of uses, deviations from the correct result may occur, making calibration essential after a certain period. Another drawback is the use of alkaline batteries and their frequent replacement. Some newer alcohol testers have solved this problem by using rechargeable batteries, often charged via a micro USB cable. Some people claim that alcohol testers are inaccurate and unreliable, but these are just myths. They become inaccurate due to improper usage. For example, blowing into the tester multiple times in short intervals without allowing the alcohol tester sufficient time to regenerate can lead to inaccurate results. Each tester has a specified regeneration time, and they also have specified operating temperature ranges. The user manual provides instructions for proper usage to prevent premature calibration of the alcohol detector or sensor replacement. By following the instructions and performing regular calibrations, users can obtain highly accurate blood alcohol level readings for an extended period using alcohol testers.

Mobile and Internet Versions of Alcohol Tests

The major drawback here is accuracy, which can never be achieved compared to alcohol testers. This lack of accuracy is due to many influencing factors. Let's briefly discuss a handful of these factors. Firstly, the variety of alcoholic beverages. Although applications attempt to offer a wide range of options, they can never cover all possible types of alcoholic beverages, and there can be combinations similar to the ones provided. Additionally, applications do not consider whether a person is drinking on an empty stomach or not. It would be very challenging to accurately determine and evaluate this aspect. Furthermore, correctly determining alcohol within a specific time frame presents a challenge. We primarily deal with full hours in which we place selected alcoholic beverages offered by the application, which differ depending on the application type. This already introduces deviations since we cannot place them in precise time intervals but rather in approximate hours. The memory of the person performing the test can also play a role. Individuals may not always accurately recall the exact hours or amounts of alcohol consumed, leading to further inaccuracies. The calculation algorithm for calculating residual blood alcohol content includes general or average values for both women and men, such as the proportion of water in the body, which certainly varies among individuals, and the elimination of alcohol from the body for the required duration, which also varies among application users. It's clear that the calculation uses average values for women and men. Another influencing factor is age. There is a difference between a person in their twenties, thirties, forties, fifties, and so on, as each age group may react to alcohol differently, affecting the aforementioned values. The height of the person being tested also plays a role in the calculation. There are many other influencing factors that affect the results, and it's certain that with all these factors, we can say that the calculation only provides an approximate estimation of residual alcohol content in the blood. Although some people claim that the calculations are based on professional sources used by these applications, these sources cannot account for the many influencing factors mentioned, and only average values are provided for all individuals without distinctions. Each person is unique and different from others, including time accuracy and the amount of alcohol consumed, which must match reality, something that cannot be achieved in applications. Therefore, these approximate values can never provide an exact result. There will always be a small or large deviation from the precise result. Everything is therefore only indicative, and no one should take the result as binding.

Conclusion of the Comparison

Accurately determining residual alcohol content in the blood is influenced by numerous factors, such as the quantity and concentration of alcoholic beverages, age, gender, weight, start and end time of drinking, absorption deficit, reduction factor, quantity of absolute ethanol consumed, elimination factor, height of the person being tested, type and quantity of food consumed, and many others. Alcohol testers can easily handle these factors unlike applications. After summarizing all the facts, advantages, and disadvantages, we can say that with proper usage following the manufacturer's instructions and subsequent calibrations, alcohol testers provide accurate indicators of residual alcohol content. Mobile and internet applications cannot match their precision. However, if someone wants to non-committally test their blood alcohol level for approximate values, then applications (online alcohol tests) serve as suitable indicators of blood alcohol content. Some applications even provide a nice graph showing the trend of blood alcohol level, allowing users to easily navigate and obtain approximate blood alcohol values in selected hours. Therefore, applications cannot match the accuracy of alcohol testers, and if someone is seeking a precise device for multiple uses, they should choose an alcohol tester. However, if someone only wants to determine an approximate blood alcohol value, then entertaining and simple applications, or online alcohol tests, can serve this purpose, providing an estimation of blood alcohol content that should not be considered binding under any circumstances.

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