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Thanks to the online alcohol test, you can easily create your own graph of alcohol elimination in the blood. This alcohol test calculates the desired blood alcohol content using an algorithm, using precise tables. This application is also available as a FREE version for Android mobile phones. You can download the application here: Alcohol Calculator "Alcohol Tester", where you can also read reviews about the application. You can freely try the alcohol calculator according to your needs. The resulting values are approximate and not binding in any way. For accurate determination of blood alcohol content before driving, it is recommended to use a quality alcohol tester and thus prevent alcohol-related accidents!


First step:

In the application, enter the time when you started drinking. Then enter your weight and check whether you are male or female. After entering the data, click CONTINUE.

Second step:

Now you will see the clock on the left side and alcohol selection on the right. By clicking on a specific hour, you can select what and how much you drank during that hour. You have a wide range of alcohol options to choose from. Using the up and down arrows, you can navigate through the selection of alcoholic beverages, and when you click on 0, you can select the quantity. After selecting your values, click the CALCULATE button. If you want to go back to the previous step, click the BACK button.

Third step:

In the final step, you will see the resulting graph of blood alcohol content. Below that, you will find the peak of blood alcohol content and the time of its occurrence. You can navigate through the graph using the arrows to see the blood alcohol level at a specific hour. Beneath this overview, the time when you can drive is displayed. When using the calculator again, click the AGAIN button.

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Disclaimer: The alcohol calculator (online alcohol test) can be used as an informational application that provides an approximate residual blood alcohol content using a computational algorithm established in these applications! For accurate determination of blood alcohol content, it is necessary to use a digital breathalyzer! The use of alcohol testers is especially important when determining residual blood alcohol content before getting behind the wheel!


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If you are interested in calculating residual blood alcohol content, you can learn more about the calculation algorithm here "Calculation Algorithm". If you are interested in comparing the advantages and disadvantages between alcohol testers and mobile and online applications used for calculating residual blood alcohol content, click here "Comparison". But if you are looking for a quality alcohol tester that stands out from the rest with its features, parameters, and at a low price, then go here "Alteon".

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